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Our Story

Dissident. /ˈdɪsɪdənt/ A person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state. L. dissidens-entis, pr.p. of dissidēredis, apart, sedēre, to sit. To sit apart.

Like many of you, we didn't go searching for the dissident life. We just wanted to be left alone to live our lives as we saw fit; to carry our values and traditions forward for our children.

But the dissident life was calling.

One of the many gifts of discomfort is the opportunity it presents for growth. Of course, a man must first orient himself toward that opportunity in order to receive the gift.

He must embrace that discomfort.

Life as a dissident might then be defined by that simple orientation: to stand in opposition to the powers that seek to bring one under their yoke. 

Yet modernity is lousy with redoubts of comfort and escapism, so it often takes the marriage of time and dire circumstance to set one's feet at the altar of that reckoning. 

But no matter the path, there is always a reckoning. Always a time when a man makes the choice to submit or to resist, to comply or to defy, to ignore or to acknowledge.

And it is always a choice.

So, if we allow history to instruct us of anything in these matters, it is that the fire that burns inside us in that moment of reckoning is nothing compared to that which will consume us should we fail to rise up and make our stand.  

Dissident Rags began as a small, meandering idea that grew out of our own reckoning, our choice long ago to no longer submit to the trappings of progress.

We deeply enjoy working on this shop, even if it is underground in a shipping container in [REDACTED], because it is an important conduit of our generative energy.

The darkness that has crept around all of us of late has made the expression of creativity that fails to conform to the Narrative a hazard.

Only the compliant shall pass.

So as dissidents we find it both necessary and irresistible to create - and communicate, our defiance. We hope our small works will inspire others to set their feet against that darkness too.

We have all seen how fear is contagious. But so is courage.

We choose courage. Hence our affinity for Faith not Fear

We hope that by reaching some of our atomized, marginalized, and demoralized people with our creations we will move them back toward the ideas that unite us, that the gift of the dissident life will spread, and that the fire inside will be known today - and not become that all-consuming regret set loose to plunder the tomorrows.

Our little creative outlet here is a collaboration of effort, imperfect and often haphazard, but of pure heart.

With your help we will keep the torch lit as long as we can. 

Meanwhile, the war on Truth & beauty rages on.

So, we stand in opposition. We sit apart from that orthodoxy that promises a better future if only we destroy our past, our people, and what's left of our nation. 

We are Dissident Rags.

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