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The End of Marvelous

The End of Marvelous

The end is near! Free beer tomorrow! 

Its Marvelous.

We can't know the time or season but we can pass our time with a good book in hand. 


There are a great many creative minds at work every day across the land that garner no fandom or fortunes from the machines of globo commerce. And yet they burn the lamp just the same, doing what they are called to do. 


The great convergence of the klown has rendered most avenues for sifting through these works and elevating those of merit captive to the absurd machinations of politk.


Instead, we have the long parade of fools and charlatans and spiteful mutants with their chicken scratch and poo-on-canvas works celebrating the inversion thrust into every avenue of commerce.


As dissident creatives we owe it to one another to support Truth & Beauty in good works wherever we can. And so, here is some good work, hand-crafted by a determined creative and friend to the 'Rags. 

M. Andrew Jones (

Support his work.


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